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Sell Apple IPhone 6 16GB

Apple IPhone 6 16GB
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Mains Charger+ £0.50
Accessories and Original Box+ £0.50
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Gadget Condition Details

Working - Average

Re offer (up to 20%)
Grade B or C

  • Must be fully functional and have no cracks, chips or missing parts.
  • LCD must be in good condition which means no burn marks or dead pixels.
  • No software or hardware issues.
  • No cracks or outer housing damages.
  • Average wear and tear acceptable.
  • Must be able to make and receive calls, accept Uk sim cards and have a working WIFI connection.
  • No faulty charger ports or water damaged batteries/handsets or swollen batteries.


(Full amount offered)
Grade A* or A

  • Brand new condition, with no marks, scratches, dents, chips or blemishes what so ever.

Faulty - Poor

Re offer
Grade D, E or BER

  • Your handset will be classed as faulty if:
  • The device has software issues, is cracked, broken, bent or has missing parts.
  • Will power on, and will have but not limited to faulty software, faulty button or buttons, faulty, ports of any kind, faulty speakers, faulty microphones, heavy marks, chips, or scratches, cracked screens, damaged or heavily worn edges, chassis, or casing. May have water damage, and smashed screens.
  • A grade D or faulty value will be offered for all iCloud locked IOS devices.